Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Venice, Florence, & Rome

We're now in Venice! One of my most beloved cities I've ever been to. Venice always has something to do, somewhere to wander, something to see... always. This is a prime example city of a city you could 'get lost in'. The biggest tip I can give to someone travelling to Venice is GET A MAP. We did it a few times where we thought we were heading in the right direction only to find that one hour later we ended up at the exact first square that we had started at.

From Venice we travelled south to Florence. I've been here once before and honestly I didn't care for it the first time, and the second time wasn't much different. The main points of interest are viewing the Duomo Cathedral and going to the Vecchio bridge. You can of course also go see Michelangelo's David, but from what I've heard, the tickets are costly! If it's not in your budget to spend the money on seeing the real one, just head to the Piazza della Signoria and you'll see the replica David in the square

For me, Florence was just a place I could enjoy a nice meal outside watching people go by. It's not really a place that for me, had much to do or see. I was actually pretty happy to be leaving Florence and heading on to the capital of Italy... Rome!

Now Rome on the other hand, it's the real deal!

I'm not really a 'hire a day guide' kind of traveller, however Rome has got to have one of the most interesting and complex pasts of all the cities I've been to. Therefore, I was thankful we had a guided tour for our day in Rome. The tour included the Roman Forums, the site where Julius was cremated (which is a large mound of dirt overlayed with flowers on top), then the Colosseum, to the Spanish Steps, to the Trevi Fountain, to the Pantheon! 

All of them are amazing to see and should be a definite on anyone's to do list! And the best part is, this was all done in one day (even with there being 138 stairs on the Spanish Steps)! Don't forget, as per tradition, to throw in some coins into the Trevi Fountain! One is suppose to find you Italian love and the other is suppose to bring you back to Rome!

My day was finshed off with a delicious Italian meal. Complete with bruschetta, lasagne, red wine, and dolce de leche gelato!!

Ciao bella!

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