Monday, August 16, 2010

Hola Barcelona!

I am now in Barcelona!

This morning we went first to the '92 Summer Olympic's Stadium, then to Gaudi's 'very unfinished' (that's an understatement) masterpiece - La Sagrada Familia. However, even only half finished, the cathedral is absolutely stunning! It's evident looking at the structure that Gaudi was a genius and crazy at the same time. Whether you like art or not, this is a definite must see for anyone in Barcelona - I've never seen anything so intricate and detailed. Even now, their expected completion date is 2027!!

'La Rambla' is a very touristy and central street with tons of entertainment acts, people dressed in outrageous costumes, and tons of portrait artists. If you follow it all the way down you will reach the old port of Barcelona where you'll find the Christopher Columbus monument.

Tonight we head to a Flamenco show in the city ... it should be a good night!

Post soon....

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