Saturday, August 14, 2010

Beaujolis - Wine Time!

On my 2nd day in Paris I started at the Eiffel Tower and while I was waiting in line there was a couple behind me who's accent sounded very familiar so I asked them where they were from, they said "Canada", they asked me and I said "Canada", I asked where in Canada, and they said " British Columbia" and I said "me too, where" and they said they were from Summerland! How cool that two people from the same region of the world meet half way around the world completely unexpectedly!

After waiting in the line up for quite some time, I walked up to the 2nd level of the Eiffle Tower which was around 600 stairs! Totally worth it though because these were some absolutely amazing views of the city! I didn't bother to go to the very top because the lines were so so long and i've already been to the top before.

After that I walked about 10 min on the other side of the Seine to see Lady Diana's tunnel. The top of the bridge has thousands of postings from people from all over the world. Even until today, there are still people leaving and writing tribute messages to Princess Diana.

On our last night in Paris we went to a cabaret show and enjoyed some Champagne which was pretty fun!

The next morning we left Paris to come to the french wine region of Beaujolis! We stopped briefly in a small town called Fontainbleu. This region of Beaujolis is beaaautiful! Vineyards for miles and miles. It's so serene here and the locals are extremely friendly - everyone says "Bonjour" to you! 

We stayed at a 500 year old chateau in the region which Contiki actually owns. It was like an old castle taken out of a Disney movie or something!

Today we went for an hour hike and had a picnic lunch on top of a hill over-looking the whole region which is covered with vineyards, yet again.. so beautiful!

Tomorrow morning we head to Barcelona and I'm very excited!

Post soon...

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