Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm Here!

12 hours later and Guten Morgen from Europe! I am definitely feeling the difference of being 9 hours ahead of my usual time, since right now it's 11am here and for back in BC it would be 2am!

I was picked up in Munich by Peter yesterday evening, and from there we drove to Salzburg in Austria. In true Austrian culture we stopped to have a beer in the city centre! We then continued driving to Peters home in Rohrmoos-Schladming (Austria), to find mom had made us a delicious vegetable soup and an apricot pastry dessert, which was a ball of dough baked with an apricot inside, then cut open and drizzled with butter and icing sugar powder! So so good!

Today's my first full day here, and while Peter is at work... I am touring around the city of Salzburg! I've been here once before (4 years ago now) so I remember my way around the city a bit. I am currently on the famous street of Getreidegasse, sitting inside a McDonalds using the free WI-FI.

Well since it's still early I have the whole day now to venture around and find some Salzburg treasures!

Take Care!

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