Monday, August 9, 2010

Onwards to London

Peter's house - where I have been staying the last few days in Austria is pretty much paradise, seriously, it's absolutely gorgeous. It looks just like a mini Canada! Everything is very green with every shade possible and really lush.

The last 2 days Peter took me on some trails around Styria which were really beautiful! Trails up and around in the mountains, one of which led to a really stunning cascading waterfall called the Riesach Waterfall. I haven't seen any wildlife, just a lot of cows! 

Peters mom made me my first schnitzel, chicken schnitzel topped off with cranberry sauce. This has now got to be one of my most favourite dishes of all time! Danke mom!

I also tried for the first time Pumpkin Oil. Something Peter has been telling me about for a very long time! It has a very strong nutty taste and is a thick dark green consistency. After trying it over some salad and veggies, I love it! Styria, the province where Peter lives, is actually known for it's Pumpkin Oil as it is quite a culinary speciality... even sometimes known as "Green-Gold".

Right now, I am sitting inside Starbucks at the Munich train station, before I take another train to the airport to catch my flight to London to begin my tour with Contiki tomorrow morning!

My stay in Austria was great, but I will be back in September after my tour, for some more schnitzel! 

Time to go grab some lunch before my next train!

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