Monday, August 9, 2010

Beware of German Trains (some are not foreigner friendly)

I had to take a train from the Munich train station to Munich's airport. I had gotten on one that claimed to take me to the airport - the S1 train. However it came to my surprise that the train I was on, actually split into 2 parts and each went in separate directions (1 to the airport and 1 to well, basically the middle of nowhere). After wondering where the heck I was and noticing the airport was nowhere in sight, I realized the train had broke up, and I ended up on the wrong half of the train that went elsewhere. I then had to hop on the train going the opposite direction and 20 minutes later I was back at the main Munich train station and went back to the S1 train platform, but this time I sat on the opposite end of the train! I can laugh at it now but it was not so funny then! Especially when you're in a time crunch to make your plane on time! This is what I meant by the title - German Trains are not foreigner friendly - there was no English (or any other languages for that matter) sign or announcement stating only one part of the train actually goes to the airport. Not the most helpful!

I ended up making my flight on time nonetheless, and flew to Heathrow, London, where I  caught the 'tube' for the first time; taking the Picadilly Line to Russell Square where my hotel is, and which is the starting point of my Contiki tour. Our tour leaves here at 6am tomorrow and we head onwards to Dover and then Paris!

I'll post again asap...

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